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Are there membership or entry fees for the gaming lounge?

Hordes & Boards offers straight-forward pricing to our lounge! Our immersive tabletop room is free for all guests to enjoy tabletop roleplaying games, trading card games and board games - however, access to our consoles, D&D room, computers and virtual reality machines require a pass. Day pass admission to our lounge is $15/Day or $49.99/Month for unlimited play!

Are reservations required for the gaming lounge, or is it first-come, first-served?

Our gaming lounge is available on a first-come first-serve basis 6 days a week! We depend on our paying members to take breaks, rotate, or just play fair! Gaming is fun and Hordes & Boards is more than a gaming lounge - it's a community! For guaranteed reservations on any one of our gaming experiences, feel free to call ahead at 530-605-0462 and make a reservation.

Do you allow dogs or other animals?

Hordes & Boards can be a louder and more stimulating environment to animals. However, service or emotional support animals are permitted with prior validation before entering the store. Animals must remain on a leash at all times. For more information regarding California laws involving ESA & service animals, please visit

Can I use a lower cost reservation for a birthday party?

Please note that our immersive D&D room is dedicated exclusively to tabletop gaming sessions and cannot be reserved for birthday parties or similar events. Our Sunday evening private reservations also follow the same guideline - you may not use a Sunday night private reservation or D&D room reservation for a birthday party under any circumstance. Any attempts to use the room for non-tabletop gaming purposes will result in additional charges.

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